A red eye flight to Boston is often a great type of flight itinerary to get.  It makes it easy to sleep on the flight as the direct flight occurs during the overnight hours.  Depart in the evening, arrive in the morning refreshed.  People often take such flights to Boston from the west coast.  Let's go over some of the cities that have overnight flights into Boston Logan.

Los Angeles to Boston.  It looks like there are 4 nonstop flights from LAX into Boston which depart late in the evening and arrive the next morning.

San Francisco to Boston: 4 flights from SFO to BOS.  One of the nice things about a red eye flight is that such flights sometimes have the cheapest or best fares since not everyone likes such flights.

Seattle to Boston. 2 overnight nonstops.

San Diego to Boston.  There is one nonstop, overnight flight.

This info is current as of writing this post, but flights are sometimes added or subtracted from individual routes by airlines so the number of such flights on a particular flight route can vary from the above.  When looking for such a redeye flight, an easy way to find them is by using a flight search engine, selecting only nonstop flights, and then sorting the results by departure time.  And then look at those flights leaving in the evening, such as after 8pm or so.  With the time change going from Pacific time to Eastern time, such flights arrive in the morning.